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Are e-cigs good for you?

Think those e-cigs are good for you? They landed this guy in intensive care! leo.

1.Typically, People Use E-Cigs For Better Oral (And Lung) Health

A new study has shown that E-Cigs are 95% less harmful than cigarettes. James Lauria was trying to quit smoking. He thought the solution was e-cigs, until this happened.

2.However, Here’s The Exception To That Rule

The e-cig exploded while it was in his mouth. It not only blew a hole in the roof of his mouth, he received burns to the cornea of his eye, face and and upper chest. The force of the explosion forced one front tooth completely into his gum, and broke the other. But, that’s not all. It fractured his finger AND neck.

3.Yes, It Landed Him In Intensive Care … For A Week

The injuries were so severe that Mr. Lauria had to be fitted with a prosthetic on the roof of his mouth. He was not able to eat solid foods for months. The poor guy needed a neck brace and his speech was altered.

*It should be noted this was a FREAK accident.


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