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Would you Brush your Beautiful Classic with HARD BRISTLES BRUSH? Well why do it to your smile?

None of us would ever dare think to clean and brush our beautiful cars, never mind a beautful classic, with HARD RUBBER BRISTLES? Tha just wouldn't be smart... Yet, we do that do our own beautiful smiles ALL THE TIME!!! Its a bit crazy.

Brushing our teeth, gums, and tongue should be more of like a massage than anything else. We really don't need to SCRUB and BRUSH HARD to remove plaque, food particles and clean our mouths.

Fresh-tips were invented by dentists and its a disposable mini-brush with a sugar-free (xylitol) candy ring around the top (peppermint flavor). You enjoy it like a treat, anywhere, anytime. They are delicious, fun, and good for you. The xylitol candy will fight plaque, improve dental health, and freshen your breath. Once done, use the SOFT BRISTLES BRUSH underneath to clean your entire mouth (teeth, tongue, and gums) without hurting your enamel!!! No water and no rinsing.

Fresh-tips are delicious, fun, and simly so cool.

Fresh-tips are super cool, practical, delicious, discreet, and a lot of fun!


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