This convenient mini toothbrush is the perfect way to brush teeth without toothpaste, no matter where you are.   This disposable single breath freshener uses sugar-free xylitol to fight the bacteria that cause bad breath, plaque and cavities.  When you’re on the go, use Fresh-Tips to clean your teeth after meals, or any time you want to freshen your mouth.


  • Freshens Breath Better Than Gum
  • Cleans Teeth Between Brushings
  • Dentist Approved Safe For Enamel
  • Great For Gum Health
  • Made With Sugar-Free Xylitol
  • Like A Breath Mint No Water Required
  • Disposable – Perfect for On The Go


Ingredients:  xylitol, sorbitol, peppermint flavor, magnesium stearate, acesulfame potassium, sucralose. 

50 Pack Disposable Toothbrush Peppermint


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