Fresh breath in 60 seconds!

100% clean and fresh mouth.

Disposable mini brush, no water & no rinsing!

Created by dentists. 

Individually packaged for On-The-Go anytime!

No water, No rinsing

Gums and Mints only mask bad breath and bacteria in your mouth. Fresh-Tips' innovative design and sugar-free Xylitol candy ring effectively clean your entire mouth (teeth, tongue, and gums).

Discreet, anywhere, anytime!!!

Soft rubber bristles

Cleans entire mouth, teeth, tongue, and gums. Won’t hurt your enamel

Cool handle

Discreet & Transparent

Created by Dentists

Sugar-Free Xylitol

Soft Pick

Remove food particles

Created by Dentists

Delicious Sugar Free Candy Ring, fights plaque and freshens your breath

Fresh breath and 100% clean mouth in 3 easy steps

Enjoy the sugar free Xylitol candy ring and get fresh breath

Brush & clean your entire mouth, teeth, tongue, and gums

Use soft pick to remove food particles

Flavors that

you will love.

Individually packaged

Available in 10, 25, 50 Packs


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